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Merchant Remote Deposit Capture


Merchant Remote Deposit Capture provides a quick and easy way for businesses – small and large – to make deposits. With a simple check scanner, made available by Platte Valley Bank, you can send electronic images of your payment checks directly to the bank – right from the convenience of your office. The money makes it into your account safely and quickly, enabling you to focus on building your business, not on banking details.


Depositing checks from the convenience of your own office eliminates trips to the bank, increases efficiency, reduces the risk of check fraud and creates faster cash flow. Plus, you can track and manage your deposit activity in real-time across multiple store or office locations.


Our Merchant Remote Deposit Capture service gives you:

  • Faster deposits and access to funds.
  • Extended daily deposit deadlines.
  • Ability to make secure transactions.
  • Access to an easy-to-use system.
  • Hardware, software, user training and support.


Merchant remote deposit capture is ideal for businesses that:

  • Deposit checks daily.
  • Average a high dollar value of deposits.
  • Manage multiple store or office locations.
  • Want quicker access to cash.
  • Manage multiple Platte Valley Bank deposit accounts.
  • Want to save time and have a more efficient way to bank.

A Personal Banker is pleased to provide an onsite demonstration at your place of business. Once you're ready to set up Merchant Remote Deposit Capture, onsite installation is quick. Minimum training is required, and maintenance is easy and accessible with help from Platte Valley Bank.


*Merchant Remote Deposit Capture is subject to fees. Contact us for details.



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