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5 Fun Money Facts for Kids

April 26, 2018


One time there was a nickel with no nickel!

During WWII, the mineral nickel was used for materials in the war, so the five-cent piece was made of copper, manganese and silver during that time.


Did you know quarters used to have different designs?

Starting in 1999, the United States Mint released a design for each of the 50 states. They were honored in order of age, starting with the oldest first according to when they joined the Union.


The Mint puts in a lot of hours.

The United States Mint makes more coins and medals than any other mint in the world. Sometimes they make coins for other countries!


Have you ever spotted a fake dollar bill?

Benjamin Franklin was the first to put a stop to counterfeiters in the 1700s. In 1739, he placed lves in lead and called it the "nature print." No one knew about his process until the 1960s.


Do you know where your coins come from?

Apparently you can spot where coins are manufactured by looking for a letter on the right of the subject's face on each coin. (P for Philadelphia, D for Denver, etc.)


Source - US Mint





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