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5 Social Posts That Can Damage Your Finances

June 10, 2018


Do you have a habit of oversharing a little too much on your social media pages? It may seem harmless at the time, but sharing these pieces of information can cost you in the long run with your finances. Here are 5 types of posts that can be a threat to your financial future.


  1. Travel Plans and Boarding Passes
    Sharing photos of where you will be going and boarding passes can be an easy target for criminals, especially if you geo-tag on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. This makes it easy for suspects to follow you to your destination, or visit your home when you are away.
  2. Unneccessary personal information
    Facebook settings make the option to share your address, phone number, education and birthday. Sharing these pieces of information can be yet another target for criminals to find other more personal things about you that can lead to identity theft.
  3. Pictures of questionable activities
    People often tend to share more when they are happy, but that doesn't mean you should share everything. Sharing photos of alcohol or drugs can be against your workplace's policy and reflect poorly on your employer and can result in a loss of employment.
  4. Insults about coworkers or employer
    It's easy to air frustrations about work on social media to your friends, but even if your profile is private, word of your grievances can get back to your employer, and result in loss of employment. With the internet being so accessible, you can never be too careful of what you share online.
  5. New Drivers and other licenses
    Got a new driver in the house? Be careful what you celebrate online. Photos of drivers licenses can easily be copied and used to steal your identity or latch on to other personal information that can put a dent in your wallet.





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