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5 Super Bowl Party Saving Hacks

February 01, 2020


It's not every day your hometown team makes it to the Super Bowl! If you choose to stay at home and host your own watch party (game or commercials), here are some money-saving tips you can use to celebrate on a budget.


  1. Host a potluck
    If you allow your guests to bring side dishes, that alleviates money spent on extra ingredients and you can focus on creating a tasty main dish for guests to enjoy.
  2. Avoid the party store
    Decorating is a fun way to dress up your space for special events, but for this situation, guests are more than likely going to be more focused on your television than what's hanging from the ceiling. Try to use or reuse materials already in your home to give your space a festive look.
  3. Get the kids involved
    To keep the little ones occupied during the game, and away from the adults, give them craft supplies to create their own party decorations. That keeps them engaged in the event, but allows them to keep busy.
  4. Snack Simple
    You don't have to go through a lot of trouble to create a spread your guests will love. Complicated dishes mean multiple ingredients, and that can add up. Pinterest is a great resource to find snack recipes, or even have a meal catered, and that eliminates a lot of the prep work!
  5. Skip the pre-made trays
    During special events (like sports), pre-made deli and veggie tray will be marked up and placed in an area easy for shoppers to take. Save the change and opt for creating your own trays with inexpensive produce from your local grocer.





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