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Are you keeping yourself safe online?

October 02, 2017


Are you keeping yourself safe online? In part of National Cyber Security Awareness Month, check out these tips to keep you, your family and your children safe from security threats provided by Homeland Security:

1.    Talk to your children early. Children as young as toddlers are watching their parents use electronic devices if they are not already using them. As soon as your child starts to use a computer or device, it is time to talk about online behavior and safety. Starting the conversation early familiarizes them with potential threats, and how dangerous the internet can be towards children.

2.    Get familiar with social mapping. Many apps children use now have GPS technology installed. These apps can track any movement your child makes and, what seems innocent, can share that information with their friends and strangers unknowingly. Advise your child not to broadcast their location 24/7 to avoid predators and any other danger to their safety.

3.    Warning Signs if someone is misusing your child’s information

a. Your child might be turned down for government benefits because the benefits are being paid to another account using your child’s SSN.
b. Your child might get a notice from the IRS saying the child didn’t pay income taxes, or that the child’s Social Security number was used on another tax return
c. Your child might get collection calls or bills for products or services you didn’t receive





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