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Back to School: Decorating Your Dorm on a Budget

August 13, 2018


Of course we want to have the coolest dorm in the hall, but what are you going to do when your budget is tighter than your imagination? Here are a few fun and creative ways to decorate your new dorm room without breaking the bank.


1. Create your own wall art

Framed photographs or murals can get expensive. Turn your phone pictures into works of art using online labs that can be cheaper than national retailers.


2. Repurpose old furniture

If you have outdated furniture from your childhood home but aren't ready to get rid of it just yet, transform it into something new! Reupholster an old chair, turn waste baskets into side tables and so much more!


3. Sprinkle small plants throughout

Succulents and small cacti are all the rage these days, and are the perfect low maintenance plant for a new college student. Add some foliage to your space to give it a touch of color and breath of life.


4. Turn your old sheets into tapestries

Grab some flashy paint from the nearest craft store and dress up old sheets into new tapestries that can transform your walls into something inspirational.


5. Add a pop of color with a braded t-shirt rug

DIY projects don't have to be difficult! Turn your old high school t-shirts into something functional like an area rug for your dorm that can brighten up a room, and keep your floors clean!






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