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Easter Craft: Tie Dye Eggs

April 03, 2017


Easter is right around the corner! Try making tie dye Easter eggs!



Tie Dye materials:

• Hardboiled eggs

• Food coloring

• Paper towels

• Vinegar

• Paper plate or tray

What To Do:

Dampen your paper towel with vinegar and lay it flat on your paper plate or tray. Add dots of food coloring to your wet paper towel. As you add dots to the wet paper towel the colors will bleed and run together. After you are done adding colors to the wet paper towel, place your hardboiled egg in the middle of the paper towel and wrap it so that it touches every part of the egg. Don’t worry if the towel over laps. Let it sit for a few minutes. If you want brighter colors leave the paper towel on the egg for about a couple hours. Once done you can take off the paper towel and you are left with tie dye eggs!





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