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Happy Halloween from Platte Valley Bank!

October 31, 2018


Happy Halloween from Platte Valley Bank!


2018 Results from our annual Halloween Costume Contest:

And the winners are……..


Overall Winner of the Trophy

For Participation, decoration, costume, and props.

Deposit Operations


Best Theme – Most Original/Unique         

Platte City Tellers/PBR’s


Most Clever/100 % Participation                    

Smithville South


Over- All Fun/Child Friendly (Tie)        

North Oak/Liberty                      


Other Catagories :

Best Communicators                         Social Butterflies/Loan Department

Best Chiefs Fans                                 Dearborn

Grooviest                                             Marketing

Jungle Fever                                        Barry Road

Wild Zone                                            Smithville North

Most Comfortable/Sleepy                  Parkville

Nature Lovers                                     Plattsburg

Buggiest                                              Compliance

Scariest                                               Billy Weiland

Party Poopers                                     Mortgage

Most Regulated                                  Platte City Loan Referees

Unique Variety                                    West Wing

Santa’s Helper                                     Tresa –IT





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