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National Pet Day: Spoiling Your Pet On a Budget

April 11, 2018


It's easy to spoil your pet every day, but what do you do if you're on a budget? When money is tight, here are a few ways you can treat your beloved without breaking the bank.


1. Take Your Dog to the Dog Park

Fresh air is always free! Social interaction is important for any animal, and dog parks are great ways for animals to spend time off a leash and get a little exercise while making new friends. Make sure to hydrate!


2. How about a Pup Cup

Retailers like Starbucks™ or Sonic™ will offer free scoops of ice cream or whipped cream when you order a regular menu item, if you know to ask. If your pet doesn't have a sensitive stomach, this can be a cheap and tasty treat.


3. Make a New Toy

Sometimes animals like old or outdated items better than the toys you buy them. Tie together old t-shirts or make a chew toy with a water bottle and old socks.


4. Spring for a Day at Daycare

Day rates for Doggy Daycare are often not expensive if only used once in a while. Splurge and let your pooch have a day off and enjoy time with other people and animals. A tired dog is a happy dog!


5. Cook Something Special

Skip your generic pet food for a day and treat them to a wholesome, organic meal of real meat and veggies. It may even become a cheaper alternative if done correctly.





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