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Paying It Forward in Dearborn

May 14, 2016


Platte Valley Bank randomly surprised a table of four at The Dearborn Cafe with a gift card and a note to pay it forward to someone else. We want to genuinely encourage giving back and giving to others. By paying it forward or giving back, doesn’t mean just monetarily, for example, it could be helping a neighbor plant flowers or move furniture. Platte Valley Bank just wants to encourage more positive behavior towards others. Please share your story on how you paid it forward today. #ShareYourStoryPVB #PVBank #RandomActsofKindness

Each week we will be going to businesses around our community branches and randomly selecting someone to pay it forward to. It is in our hopes that once we pay it forward to someone, they may do the same for another person. We hope that you will follow us in our journey to make an impact on the lives of our fellow community members.





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