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PCHS FBLA Donates Blankets to Treasure Chest

March 28, 2019


Platte County High School FBLA donated blankets to the PCHS Treasure Chest at Thursday, March 28. Those donations will eventually go to those in need in the local community.


According to the PCHS website, "The Treasure Chest resource center provides opportunities to various stakeholders. District Social Workers identified a greater need for resources designated for the whole family, beyond the child we see every day in school. The facility serves three inter-related purposes; a place for our community members to give and support our families in need, a place for PCR-3 families who are disadvantaged by their economic situations to get necessary items, and a place where volunteers can provide assistance in operating the center."




"For years, the Platte County Community has supported the development of the Future Business Leaders of America program at Platte County High School. Their support came in the form of generous donations to community service projects sponsored by Platte County FBLA for national non-profit organizations such as March of Dimes, Make-a-Wish, and Habitat for Humanity. While such organizations have a positive impact on many people, our chapter felt that our emphasis should be on our immediate community.


As PCHS FBLA began discussing ideas for the 2018—2019 Community Service Project, the chapter knew that it wanted to make a sizable impact, instilling a sense of school and community pride and making an immediate difference in the lives of those who call Platte County home. The Treasure Chest embodies this idea in every facet of their business and offered many opportunities for FBLA members to serve and assist. Additionally, PCHS FBLA wanted to engage with other businesses, acting as Chief Financial Contributors to further influence the community.


Two local businesses, Platte Valley Bank and DSQUARED & Co. stepped up in support of the project from the beginning. Six primary goals were established in order to make the partnership with the Treasure Chest beneficial and effective (Impact, Multidimensional, Philanthropic, Awareness, Community, and Teamwork). The accomplishment of these goals had the potential to make a direct impact on Platte County citizens. Collaboration with local businesses would provide the chapter with resources to make any outreach events possible and encourage recognition of families in need.


Through the organization of community-wide events, PCHS FBLA would be able to create a sense of involvement and advocate for impoverished individuals in Platte City. This project would combine four main organizations, PCHS FBLA, the Treasure Chest, Platte Valley Bank, and DSQUARED & Co., to create change in the community.


As we continued to complete events for the service project a perfect opportunity was presented to us. This opportunity would help us “network” and spread the word about the Treasure Chest, help raise funds for our chapter and the Treasure Chest, and support our school and community. The Platte County High School Parent, Teacher, Student Association (PTSA) reached out to Platte County FBLA with an idea for a fundraiser with the company, We were intrigued by the idea and set up a formal meeting with PTSA and At the meeting we discussed what an Anython Fundraiser was and how it worked. Afterwards, we decided it would be too good of an opportunity to pass up and agreed to figure out the details and have a second meeting in the following weeks. In a previous visit to the Treasure Chest, it was mentioned they were in need of warm blankets to provide their 150 families they serve each week to help them stay warm in the winter. FBLA members decided to do a “Blanket-a-Thon” for our fundraiser in which members would create a design to print on 150 grey fleece blankets.


To raise money for our chapter, community members will pledge “x” amount of dollars per blanket made and donated to the Treasure Chest.  The next mission was to decide who and how the blankets were going to be made. Platte County FBLA reached out to one of their business partners, Platte Valley Bank, and they graciously offered to donate 150 grey fleece blankets for the project. Another local business, DSQUARED & Co., offered to help members create a design and print on the blankets for no charge. Platte County FBLA Officers decided to donate $450 of chapter funds to help pay for the printing costs. Simultaneously, Platte County High School’s Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) was helping us set up the fundraiser with PTSA would earn a portion of the profit and also support our chapter by providing incentives for our participants.


The “Blanket-a-Thon” with FBLA and the Treasure Chest was scheduled to take place February 14 - March 1. FBLA members were responsible for sharing, posting, and sending the link to our fundraising page on the website to anyone and everyone they know. Project leaders created a video to explain the story of the Treasure Chest on the website and anyone who followed the link or found the page on would be able to see our story and the Community Service Project.


After watching our story people were able to make a pledge to donate a specific amount of money for every blanket we make and deliver. Our fundraiser profits were divided up accordingly: 20% to PTSA, 3% to, 10% to the Treasure Chest, and 77% to Platte County FBLA. A total of $4,050 was raised and the 150 blankets were delivered to the Treasure Chest on Friday, March 1. Over the next several months the Treasure Chest will hand out the blankets to families in need. In addition, Platte County FBLA donated $500 to the Treasure Chest from the fundraiser to help stock the resource center with fresh fruit.


In the wake of this project, the general consensus among the Platte County FBLA chapter was that each event served a distinct purpose and constructed a favorable identity for volunteering in the community. Members were eager to get involved and excited about each upcoming portion of the project. The community was influenced dynamically by this project through both short and long-term impacts. PCHS FBLA effectively assisted in spreading support of the Treasure Chest and families in need throughout our community. Interactions with businesses in the area insured the involvement of many groups with the Treasure Chest and FBLA for years to come.


This partnership between students and local professionals transcends the goals of the project, providing avenues for the future success of FBLA members. Additionally, a sense of purpose has been instilled within students in regard to volunteering, creating a passion for helping others and developing improvements to one’s own community. This project has raised awareness and resources for the Treasure Chest, as well as enabling students across the area to “create, lead, and inspire” through volunteering, community pride, and professionalism."





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