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Platte Valley Bank Bids Farewell to Karen Anderson After 45 Years of Service

February 28, 2019


We want to give special recognition and send our best of wishes to our dearest colleague of (yes you’re reading this correctly) an impressive 45 years, as she moves into a new journey in life. Retirement! Congratulations Karen Anderson, you have been an overwhelmingly essential part of the growth of Platte Valley Bank over the years and we can’t thank you enough for your hard work, dedication and service. We wish you all the best.


Karen began her career with First State Bank of Dearborn in 1974 as a teller and continued her banking career with Platte Valley Bank when the bank was purchased by the Burch and Thompson families in 1976. Karen focused on developing and managing the operations side of the bank, and at retirement, served as Executive Vice President.


Karen has been a member of the Dearborn Christian Church for many years and served as Chairman of the Board. She has also been an active member on the Dearborn Community Cemetery Board an served as Secretary/Treasurer.


In 2002 she, with the support of other employees helped establish the outreach committee who’s dedication is to supporting local communities from all walks of life through awareness, fundraising and involvement.


Frank D. Offutt, Mayor of Platte City, MO. Dedicated February 28 as Karen Anderson Day at her retirement reception in Platte City on February 28, 2019.





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