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Summer 'Travel Hacks'

July 11, 2018


You’ve heard of life hacks right? Here are some ‘travel hacks’ that will keep your wallet happy all summer long.    


  1. Never pay for water at an airport. With airport security tighter than ever, bring your own empty canister with you, and fill once you have passed through security at a fountain to cut down unnecessary expenses.
  2. Plug your devices through a TV. Most modern TVs have USB ports these days. If you ever lose your wall adapter, stick your cord into your hotel TV and charge away!
  3. Keep multiple copies of your passes. If you insist on keeping paper boarding passes and confirmations handy, take pictures of your passports and other passes in case one goes missing in transit. You never know when you might need them during travel.
  4. Use ATM/Cash machines to get local currency. Local money converters can charge an arm and a leg to exchange your currency. ATMs/Cash machines won't cost as much as a national chain when you travel abroad.
  5. Get yourself a dummy wallet. Confuse pickpocketers when traveling abroad with a dummy wallet. Hide the real one in a safe place, and voila! Your valuables are safe!
  6. Take a selfie! Take a selfie whenever you start a new SD card, that way if it gets lost, you can easily prove the card belongs to you.





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